Have you ever seen a broken mirror? Have you ever looked into one? It's really interesting, especially if you've seen one in a movie. In the movies, everything looks different but, you can still make out the reflection. Now, if you've ever looked into a real broken mirror, you'll notice that it's hard to get a complete picture of what you're looking at because of the broken glass. In a broken mirror, the reflection is distorted, there are fragments/broken pieces of glass that allow you to see a reflection based on the size and shape of the broken piece of glass. It changes how we see ourselves.

How We See Ourselves-See Who We Are

Many times, we view our lives as if we are looking into a mirror and based on what we see in front of us, usually determine what decisions that we make. We base our choices and thoughts on what we believe to be an accurate reflection of our lives; how we see ourselves. How do you know if you've been looking into a fragment of a broken mirror thinking that you're looking into a full mirror? Many times we accept what we see or think we see; how we see ourselves and we accept information about ourselves that isn't always true. And then we base everything we think and feel about ourselves on what we see and most of the time, we really don't like what we see, we really don't like the information we're getting about ourselves. It's like we are looking into a broken mirror!

How We See Ourselves- Adjusting our vision

Let's begin to dig deeper into the power of how we see ourselves and how we make decisions and choices based on what we are willing to believe/accept about ourselves. We have to learn how to identify and accept the truth about who we really are and what we are capable of doing with our lives.

  • Do you have trouble in some of your classes because you don't understand what's being taught? It's not that you're not smart, you just don't get it! And the teacher is so busy they can't break it down for you and now, you don't want to look “stupid”, so you just sit there and feel bad which slowly turns into frustration and other things-CRACK!
  • Do your friends make you feel like you have to be a certain way for them to like you? Between you and me, we all want to fit in, we all want to have friends-someone we can talk to and just be you around. But, can you really be yourself? Didn't you try once and you remember how they looked at you, you remember what they said that made you act like you were just playing-CRACK!
  • There are simply “the issues of life” that help to form the mirror in which we view ourselves; the different aspects of experiences that are put together that we call “LIFE”, shape how we see ourselves-how we believe our life to be or think it should be.

How We See Ourselves- Adjusting our vision

Let's get a little deep here; could those experiences simply be the tools to help develop and draw out of us the character needed to become the person we were created to be? Those experiences both good and bad were not meant to define who we are; but through those experiences, how we deal with those experiences expose and reveal who we truly are.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not allow the circumstances of his day to define who he was, it was those very experiences that pulled out of him the person he was created to be. They aided in the development of the person his was. The circumstances of his life didn't dictate who he was; he was defined by how he handled those circumstances.

Let's begin to repair that mirror. When we change how we see ourselves we begin to change the way we make decisions. When we care less about ourselves we make careless decisions. Let's begin to see the real you, let's begin to change how we see ourselves!

Source by David Alan White