A hedgehog is a small porcupine like creature with spikes on its back. It is often kept as a pet and is a very popular theme for Christmas decorations. Teasel, a self-propagating wild plant found around any untouched areas, has spiky inflorescence. Its thorny oval shape closely resembles the body of a hedgehog. Therefore, it forms an ideal base for creating a decorative piece. However, this craft is a tricky one and is best handled by adults or grownup kids under supervision. It is advisable to hold the teasel in a folded thick cloth while working on it, to avoid being pricked. Following systematic instructions will help you create your own teasel hedgehog for this Christmas.

Raw Materials

• Teasel

• Paint

• Craft scissors

• Kitchen knife

• Pins with large rounded heads (to be used as eyes)

• Wooden base (optional)

• Thick folded cloth or towel

• Glue

• Velvet or other decorative fabric

• Creative badges, ribbons, and lace

Steps to make Christmas Teasel Hedgehog:

• Wrapping the teasel: Wrap the teasel in a thick cloth, leaving the stem side uncovered. This is only for holding purpose, so keep it untied.

• Shaping: Use kitchen knife to shape the stem end like the protruding muzzle of the animal. If you need, trim away some of the spiked portion as well. The oval shape of the inflorescence takes care of the natural shape of the animal's body. However, the underbelly has to be prepared by removing thorns from the lower side. This also prevents the piece from rolling over.

• Base: This step is optional. Glue a suitable sized wooden base on the above-prepared lower side.

• Painting: Paint the entire structure. You have several options here. You may use a color scheme that resembles the natural color of a hedgehog. Nevertheless, the natural tones may not go very well with the sparkling and colorful festive theme. Alternatively, you may use gold or copper tones.

• Facial features: Paint the heads of three large pins in black. If you have already managed black colored pinheads, then right away pin them on the ‘face' of the hedgehog as two eyes and a nose.

• Accessorizing: To add a festive touché to your animal, create collar-like adornment made of velvet, ribbons, lace, decorative badges etc.

Source by A. Labedzki