Want to freshen up an area of your home over the weekend, but have no home decorating ideas? That's absolutely no problem. Sprucing up a space doesn't require a lot of money or time if you have the ingenuity to utilize what you already have!

Getting started is always the hardest part. You must always begin by cleaning the rooms you plan to work on, pulling out furniture, dusting and wiping off surfaces. Make sure that everything you will not be using is stowed away- you can pull out everything you need later. Don't neglect the windows- treatments should be removed and cleaned before you tackle the glass. Once you see how fresh, clean, and bright your home can be you'll find it easier to get in the decorating mood!

In my opinion the kitchen is a great place to start. It's so easy to make some simple changes to give the entire room a new feel. If you have decorative cups or bowls sat out, give them a good dust and swap 'em out for some different ones. Placemats are extremely cheap or can be made at home and can easily inspire other small changes. A seasonal centerpiece can instantly transform your kitchen without the need to purchase anything.

Master Bedroom
We all spend so much time in our bedrooms that it's easy to become dissatisfied by a stale design or arrangement. An easy quick pickup for any room (provided you have the muscle power) is to take all furniture, tables, EVERYTHING and rearrange it. Turn the entire room around by facing your bed in a different direction, adding or removing a side table, or even switching out some compatible d├ęcor from another room. It will feel like a completely different room in no time!

Living Area
If your living area is boring, the rest of your house seems boring as well. The Living room is my second fave spot to spruce up using some great home decorating ideas. Again, changing the direction that the occupants are facing can make a huge difference. If you understandably don't want to lug the couches around, simply throw a new blanket over the back. It will change the look of what is most likely the room's centerpiece and can be complimented by some matching seasonal throw pillows. The dullness should disappear with some new or re-arranged lighting elements since a new glow can change the entire appearance of an object and space.

Guest Bedroom
Expecting some weekend guests? Getting the dust out of unused rooms is the best place to start. When nothing gets touched every often it's easy to forget how much luster and shine is taken away by even the lightest layer of dust. Brush off the spider webs from ceiling fans and windows, because your guest will probably be staring at them when they're laying down for bed. A natural floral arrangement is sure to remove the musty smell of a seldom used guest room while creating a welcoming environment for your friends or family who stay there.

Flowers, plants, and certain decorations can be switched between rooms to give them a new life. It's amazing how much of a difference context makes when you've been living with the same objects for years. There is no reason to ever tire of your surroundings when it only takes a little rearranging. These home decorating ideas shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to complete giving you more time to focus on something more important: enjoying your fresh new environment!

Source by Monika Kay