No expensive artifacts or rare mementos can give your home decor a new look this summer. All you need is smart planning with a tinge of imagination. Here are some ways to lend a new and fresh look to the same old boring interiors.

Try them and make your home look new this summer.

As summer is on, it becomes hard to survive 40 degree days with the family under the fan. Keeping in mind the concept of coolness in the summer, it is the perfect time to have air-conditioning fixed in the house. Is there an alternative to air conditioning?

Try to stop the stifling heat of summer in its tracks with quality insulation in your home. Insulating your home this summer has the added benefit of being low cost and zero after-effects on your pocket. As a result you have a cooler home in summer and save on costly energy bills.

Splash Cool Summer Colors Around

This summer add color and a cool effect to the balcony garden with a tropical touch. You can enjoy the beautiful garden and share it with your friends and family. Bright shades of color may look happy but sometimes we also need subtle shades to enhance the decor. Paint your sitting area in colors like nude, beige and pink. The current trend is to paint and highlight one wall depending upon the design of the room. Do not go for extremely staid and boring colors, the right mix being a combination of bright and subtle shades.

Chilled Cocktail Time

Think about the heat and chilled cocktails. Renovate the bar and crockery storage and create an illusion of space. Convert the bar into wall cabinets with glass panels. Nothing could be more elegant than the glass segments with proper highlights. Keep the crystals clean and arrange it neatly.

Always decide on a fixed theme before you could start decorating your space. It is important to use your imagination and decide on an idea that best suits your need.

Furnishing With Indian Fabric

For a light and graceful Indian summer look, go for dupioni silk curtains which are elegant yet very light. Change the furnishing of the area as it will enhance the look. Ensure the off white curtains and cushions are also in sync with colors of the curtains.

Go for silk sari cushion covers as they will add to the overall light colored d├ęcor look. You may also mix and match colors like pastel shades of olive gray and rustic orange. Something like peach and golden curtain combinations will be apt for the windows.

Smart Spending

To save on time, money and effort before you start implementing your renovation plans always consult someone who has got their house painted recently. You will learn, for instance that before the paint can be applied, the surface needs to be primed.

This simply means applying one or two coats of cheap primer paint to the surface so that the final coat will have something to stick so and so that the original colors of the surface will not bleed through. Usually one priming coat is sufficient. This will also ensure the cheaper primer is absorbed by the walls while the more expensive emulsion paint remains on the surface.

Go ahead and get a summer home decor look your neighbors will envy.

Source by Jasnav Nagpal