Extravagant, intriguing and full of surprises, eclectic farmhouse interior imparts a free spirited wily nature that mixes different cultures and design styles. A vagabond mix of color and texture, rustic vintage and cutting edge modern, simple yet extravagant, the design speaks to your unique personality of thinking outside the box. Although it is freedom of the free spirited and conflicting ideas, it is one of the most difficult styles to get right. Clashing tones, mixing colors and textures, yet appealing to the eye, there is an inner method to the eclectic design style.

Using vintage reclaimed barndoors, each uniquely carved and remnants of color seeped into the woods over its lifetime, the soft rustic wood texture is vibrant with life.The eclectic interior design style embodies richness of culture and abundance in unpredictability as you enter each room. The vibes are free flowing and the energy flows from each room to the other similar to a stream of water that runs through mountains and plains, collecting pebbles,flowers,sticks and grass in its journey.

Eclectic design is a celebration of life that is seen in the aristocratic brass doors, carved peacock door armoire and the simply fabulous teal green chakra carved long sideboard. Working a balance with nature, bringing in the elements organically with reclaimed woods and symbols of nature like sunrays and lotus carving cabinets, the style is very personal and cohesive.

A unique and eclectic home take cues from striking vintage furniture that are intriguing in their history. The old brass hope chest works as a wine chest and the coffee table was made from an old Indian door, the land of the Vedas and yoga. The history behind each of these pieces makes them unique and eclectic.

The whimsical, eclectic living room has a custom dining table made from an old barn doors and the white walls acts as a stark backdrop against the grass green, and marigold yellow upholstered chairs that brighten up the wood tones. Mixing farmhouse and eclectic, rustic wood furniture with bright textures, the red hues in the huge cabinet works itself into the design. The mood of the room is lived in and warm, and creates magic with the wall decor of a carved Buddha in natural wood tones.

A big, bold statement carving sculpture of Indian Gods makes the eclectic room vibrate with energy. The wall behind it has water cascading as well as plants placed strategically. Art is an expression of the self, an essential part of eclectic design. Combine oil and water color paintings by local artists, intriguing old world sculptures, antique jewelry and create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Your home is who you are, beautiful and free spirited, nature loving and caring, healthy and prosperous, finding joy in every experience.


Source by Era Chandok