You have finally bought your dream home but at the same time you have exhausted your entire budget on buying it and now you are tight on budget but the new home has to be decorated so what do you do? If you are a smart homemaker you will look for options which are feasible on shoe string budget as well but where do you look for them. Here is a list where you can look for smart decorating options that are not too heavy on your pocket and would make your dream home come alive with character as well.

1. Internet Internet is the best place to browse design ideas, latest trends, and websites where you can find stuff that is within your budget. You don't need to be net savvy to search for either decorating ideas for your home or buying that item you want to be a part of your decoration. All you need is a clear idea or thought to guide and the rest will follow. You can not only just search for ideas but can also buy some great products that aid in decoration at really affordable prices from various websites like among others.

2. Magazines Interior design magazines are also a good source of information for decorating ideas and for buying products that aid in decoration. Some of the magazines that you can browse through are Home Review, India Today Home, Inside Outside, Better Homes, Good Housekeeping, among various other magazines which offer not only tips to decorate your home but how to do that within a minimum budget. Good Housekeeping has a special section where it publishes low budget decorating ideas for room, corner, or kitchen. You can read them and incorporate them anywhere in your home.

3. Search the local stores Look around and you will find plenty of local stores that are selling same products at affordable prices. You can both browse through these stores and buy something for your house or else if you are the creative type you can borrow some ideas from them and do up your own thing. Some of the local stores that are good for buying some affordable decorative items are Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar among others. Whether you buy the item or you make it yourself the idea is to explore and see what fits your budget and then go for it. Local shops and stores are a storehouse of ideas and items that are easy to handle and clean and affordable at the same time.

4. Street markets Another place to look for items or even ideas is the street markets or small time weekly markets near or around your area of residence, or work. You have to look hard as some times these markets have the exact product you are looking for. Some of the products that you can buy from these markets are ceramic flower vases, traditional Indian artefacts like musicians from Rajasthan, or Gujarat, dancing dolls from east among other things.

5. Old Furniture market Whether you believe it or not but furniture market is best place to search for ideas, especially if you are looking for ideas for a particular room or corner. If you are looking for ideas for decorating children's room then you can see the area where the store have decorated children's bedroom – typical pink for girls and blue for boys – of course you can add your touch to the decoration but at least you have the basic idea in mind. These are few of the ideas that will help you in decorating your home on frugal budget. Coming up next is ways to decorate your home steps to decorate your home on frugal budget. Happy searching!

Source by Swati Nitin Gupta