Vases are one of those containers that aren't used every day but simply beg to be used for some purpose when they're not holding flowers. Glass and crystal vases are perfect vessels for creating new and interesting centerpieces or as accessories in a room.

Combine vases with lights and you'll instantly have an eye-catching display! How can you transform your ordinary vases into something extraordinary? Try out some of these decorating ideas and you'll have your friends and family chattering away at how clever you are at decorating.

Ideas for Vases with Mini Lights

Fill an inexpensive vase – find one at the dollar store – with ornaments and lights. Begin by placing a few Christmas ornaments into the bottom of the vase. Alternately push a string of lights down inside the vase and continue to fill the vase with lights and ornaments so the lights will illuminate the bulbs.

This is a perfect centerpiece idea for any holiday table. Or use it to spruce up a lonely corner of a sideboard, buffet, or countertop. Group a few vases with lights together for an interesting accent. Make it even more aesthetically pleasing by varying the sizes and shapes of the vases.

(Be sure not to leave your vase projects unattended or left on overnight. Traditional mini lights do heat up so protect delicate wood surfaces.)

Vases in the fireplace – rainy summer nights can seem dreary at times, so why not make them a bit more cheery with lights? The fireplace is likely sitting empty and looking a bit cold now that winter is over, so let's fill it with some vases and lights to make it more inviting.

Push strings of your favorite colors of lights into glass or crystal vases until the vase is full. Do this with several sizes of vases. Fill the opening of your fireplace with the vases filled with lights. Plug them into a multiple outlet extension core and voila – instant charm and ambiance in your space! This is an easy fix to enhance and beautify that gaping hole during the spring and summer months.

Accessories – battery operated white lights are perfect for filling vases and creating unique accessories for any room of the home. Tuck the battery pack into glass beads in the bottom of the vase and allow the string of lights to randomly fill the vase. You can easily accessorize the fireplace mantel, a bookshelf, bathroom sink, foyer, or bedroom with these beauties. New micro dot LED battery lights last up to 100 hours per set of batteries.

Fill it and light it up – similar to the Christmas ornament idea, you can fill the vase with just about anything that would look pretty along with the lights inside. Glass beads, shells from the beach, river rocks, small toys, costume jewelry, sleigh bells, artificial flower petals, spools of thread, or any other small item that would match or compliment the decor of the room in which the vase would be placed. (Again, keep in mind good safely precautions when using different materials keeping in mind that incandescent mini lights do heat up. Do not leave lights on overnight, unattended and protect delicate surfaces like wood.)

Consider using colored glass vases too for a new and unique twist on adding color to a room. A red vase with red or white Christmas lights would be really pretty during Valentine's Day or Christmas. A green vase with green or white lights would brighten any powder room or bedroom decorated in green hues. Thrill your daughter with a frosted vase filled with purple lights for her bedroom. There's really no end to what you can do with vases and lights!

Source by Shellie Gardner