For many around the country, putting up Christmas decorations is a cold and slippery job. Your fingers get cold trying to hang lights on brittle and cold hooks, and what if you put the string of lights on the roof the wrong way? You know, with the plug on the opposite side of the house to the socket.

Then there's the problem about where to hide the extension cords. They are never the right colour for hiding, and so if you're not lucky enough to have snow, there they are, hanging around willy nilly on the front lawn. Of course when you plug those lights in, you get a nice little surprise on your electricity bill as well, but if you have solar Christmas lights these problems could be a thing of the past.

Sorry, solar lights can't do anything for cold fingers or brittle light hooks or even for the icy surfaces you need to try to be steady on, but they do help you save on electricity costs and they do allow you to do away with the unsightly extension cords. How you may ask? Well, Christmas solar lights work much the same way as regular solar lights do. They soak up the sun's rays throughout the day and store the energy in their cells, then come night time they turn on and glow in all their beautiful colours.

You can use solar lights anywhere you'd use traditional plug in lights, so that means that your roof line, your trees and even your pathways can be lit for the season and no one will trip on that extension cord again.

Christmas solar lights are the way of the future. All you need to establish is a great place for their panel to sit so that it gets maximum sunlight throughout the days, don't worry if the days are cloudy, those cells will still get and store that energy. They come in string form, in all different colours and also in spotlight form to shine a light on a special display or part of your landscaping. They also come in spotlights that shine colours and designs onto the side of your house or garage door. Even if you don't have snow on the ground, you can have snowflakes on your house.

Be the envy of your neighbour and jump on board the new way of Christmas decorating. When you see your energy bill you'll be glad you did!


Source by Amanda J Hales