Hanging canvas prints is a contemporary way of decorating walls in your home or office. Photographs can now be transferred on canvas. It's a great way to present photos in a big way. Never mind showing off photographs in standard picture frames. Those small picture frames will only gather dust in one corner of your house. They will probably go unnoticed because they're so tiny.

You can always buy some paintings to decorate your walls but if you want to be more modern, you should try something different like getting canvas prints of photographs taken from all over the world. You will find hundreds of pictures on canvas depicting cultures and cities around the world. If you like flowers, animals, or underwater scenes, there are also many of those pictures on canvas.

Pictures are printed on gallery wrapped canvas which are better versions of typical stretched canvas that most artists used for paintings. Gallery wrapped canvas use top quality canvas that are wrapped around wooden frames and stapled at the back, not on the sides like most stretched canvas. So, you can actually display the canvas prints without a frame. The thick sides of gallery wrapped canvas also adds dimension and bulk.

The nice thing about pictures on canvas is the size. These canvas wall art can cover a larger space than a small picture frame. They look more like art gallery pieces, not just ordinary pictures. Aside from being very sturdy, canvas prints mounted on gallery wrapped canvas will also last longer than pictures printed on photo paper. Just like century old paintings, pictures on canvas can also last several decades or longer.

Another benefit to these types of wall decor is that there are a lot of choices, subjects, colors and sizes. You can like one picture and choose from a variety of sizes to make it suitable for your wall space. There are also black and white versions for all canvas prints and triptych versions. A triptych is a single picture printed on 3 pieces of canvas. Now, that's a really modern way of presenting pictures on canvas.

Before buying any kind of wall art, be sure that the colors, subject and size are suitable for your room. Another tip is to get canvas wall art that are ready to hang. Remember to only get canvas prints that you like to look at.

Source by Ana Trenas