New Year's Eve is a holiday that comes around each year. It's the mark of the end of one year and the promise of a new one to come. It's also a great time to have a party, getting all of your friends together to celebrate is something a lot of us do, and its great since we have a built in countdown at midnight thanks to numerous television specials.

Most parties have a theme nowadays, something that goes through the food and drinks, the decorations and the favours and ties everything together. Perhaps you want a black and white theme or a champagne and dessert theme or a resolutions theme, either way, you'll want to make your party pop.

Photo booths are a great addition to any party. Guests are dressed up and it's a great way to make and share memories. You can either rent a booth or make your own with great backgrounds or foregrounds that can be fashioned from ready made decorations, large picture frames and accessories like glasses, masks, hats and the like. The more things you have available the better and more fun the booth will be. For an added touch, the year can be displayed on the wall or on a frame for all to see. Instant memory.

A great addition to any party is a magician,especially on a magical night like New Year's Eve. Luckily if you don't happen to know one personally, they can be hired out for the night to do their routine. If your party is for the younger set a clown or petting zoo are good choices, both of course can be rented out for a period of time, perhaps in the late afternoon or early evening before the little ones retire for the night and the adult party begins.

Decorations in black and silver make a lovely backdrop to a champagne party while colourful hats and noisemakers really set the tone for the New Year. Parties can be formal or informal, full of games or just friends sitting and chatting, as long as you are together with friends it doesn't matter what you do or what you serve. Whether you make it a potluck or hire food machines like hot dog makers or nacho machines to really create a casual atmosphere and leave the cooking to someone else, the main thing is to have a great time and welcome in a new year!

Source by Amanda J Hales