An increasingly common sight down many a neighborhood road, outdoor Christmas decorations are a fun filled and attractive way to deck out your garden and get in the Holiday Season mood. There is a wide range of decorations available to use in your garden including an ever growing variety of inflatable figures. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations:

Easy to Use: Inflatable decorations are very quick and convenient to set up; they can be inflated using a standard electric pump such as what you would use for your car tires, although in some cases an electric pump is supplied. Once you have blown up your figures they can be securely tethered wherever you desire.

Safe: Soft and light, you needn't worry about young children hurting themselves when playing by these decorations or even helping you to set them up. They are also easy to position and move around due to their lightweight meaning you are unlikely to cause yourself a mischief when putting them in position, they can even be placed safely on a roof.

Attractive: Inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations can really help transform your garden into a winter wonderland; they are pleasing on the eye and come in a wide assortment of colors sure to capture the magic of Christmas. A blow up Father Christmas scaling the roof of your house whilst his Reindeer wait patiently by the sleigh will surely be a sight to raise the heart on a cold winter's night

Variety: The traditional Christmas nativity scene with the baby Jesus, Santa and his ever faithful Reindeer or even a bemused looking Polar Bear! Whatever makes you think of Christmas there is an inflatable figure for your garden display.

Storage: Once the fun is over and the festive season has gone for another year it is time to take the decorations down. The great thing about inflatable outdoor Christmas decorations is that they are so easy to store. Simply deflate them and pack them safely away for next year, easier said than done if you have a lot of large non-inflatable ornaments.

Source by Joe McHugh