Oh! It's your kid's birthday today! Congratulations, for this new year in your kid's life. So, how are you planning to celebrate it? Are you going to organize a birthday party? Are you going to call some guests? Or have you decided or thought to do something unique?

How about involving your kids in planning for their own birthday party? Sounds great, isn't it? Well, till now as a parent; you have been taking all the burden of organizing the party, inviting guests, decorating the venue, deciding the menu etc.

This time, why not know your kid's ideas too! Let us explore their minds. What's going on, what he/she/they are thinking about their birthday party? How according to them should a birthday party be? This seems to be really a unique and innovative idea, isn't it?

So, let's discuss how kids can be involved in planning their own birthday party.

Involving kids to be a part of their Birthday Décor Preparation:

When it comes to birthday decorations, the first and foremost thing that comes in our mind is “Balloons”. But, a birthday is lot more than balloons. Apart from this, there are many things that can be considered in birthday decoration.

Before starting the decoration part, select the birthday theme, birthday location. Party Planning involves deciding the birthday location, choosing the party theme, deciding the menu, decoration accessories, preparing invitation cards etc.

a) Involve kids in deciding the location: Well, the best location is one's own home however if it's to be a grand party then any venue such as party hall, park, garden etc can be considered. Ask your child/children what his/her/their wish is. Know their ideas; if possible allow them to choose the location. This will boost their self confidence.

In case, budget is an hindrance for the location then convince them to choose the one that is in your budget. Make sure kids don't feel bad, try to ensure that they are happy at every stage of the planning process.

b) Include them in the party theme selection: Once the location is selected, it's time to choose the party theme only if the kid is interested in arranging a theme based party. Select the theme that he/she/they like. This can be a robot theme, a theme based on sports of his/her/their like etc.

In case the kids are unable to decide, help them to do but don't pressurize them to choose the one that YOU like. Keep in mind that the planning is done as per the kid's choice.

c) Keep the Menu of your kid's choice: Location is selected, theme is decided, now comes food. Well, kids mostly love cakes and chocolates and these will of course be there in the party but what's important is the Main course i.e. either dinner or lunch must be of kid's choice.

Ask them what they want to give their guests as food. See their ideas, correct them if they are wrong but never order them to do what YOU want. Discuss and decide with them what is to be served to the guests. Prepare the Menu accordingly.

d) Birthday Décor as per kid's choice: So, now the theme is selected, menu is chosen, location is selected and it's time to choose decoration material. Apart from balloons, there are lots of decoration materials available in the market.

Ask your kid what he/she/they want in the birthday decoration and decorate the home accordingly. Note what your kid loves and allow them to decorate it accordingly, let their ideas flow.

Choose decoration as per the theme. Let your child/children be the Party manager, guide them where they are wrong but keep them in the centre of the decision, also convince them when you think their choice is not as per your budget.

Final Notes: The main purpose is to know your child's ideas explore their minds; understand what and how they want their birthday party to be. Try to meet their all the needs and in cases when you are unable to do so, make sure to do things that are similar to their liking and also within your budget.

Give your kid top priority as it's their birthday celebration and as a parent, it's our duty to ensure it that they enjoy it the most. So, try to fulfill all their wishes and plan the party as per their plans.


Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna