Time has come for you to decorate your house. You don't want it to look ugly, but it is not easy at all if you are not a professional decorator. There are a few secret rules and “don'ts” when it comes to specific decorating ideas. Here a few tips on the most crucial areas of your house. You will be able to make more informed choices on the look you want to give.


There are some very common mistakes you want to avoid. First of all, it is very risky to pick paint colours before choosing the pieces of the room. You may have very bad surprises, so it is better to decorate around them instead. Picking the right colours is not an easy task, remember the following tips:

  • don't fall in love with one colour, test many;
  • consider the natural/artificial lightning difference;
  • try virtual painting softwares;
  • consider the global harmony of the house.


Furniture is the “meat” of your house. It is better not to push it against the walls: that may create more space but also a sense of emptiness. When choosing furniture, always remember that comfort should not be less important than style, and that the concepts of your store can be modified according to your needs (ex.: do you really like 5 throw pillows on your sofa?).

How to hang

It may seem a very banal tip, but when it comes to hanging objects, people often tend to make mistakes. Artwork? Don't hang it too high. It should not be too close to the ceiling, but around the eye level. Use commonsense, but remember: better too low than too high! The same applies to chandeliers, don't hang them too high.

The sofa issue

Choosing the right sofa is hard. It is a big investment and takes up a lot of space. If you like watching TV you will probably spend there a lot of time, so do not forget to:

  • buy the best quality sofa you can afford (saving on this is a bad strategy);
  • test before buying;
  • measure width, height, depth, seat and arm height.

Consider your daily habits and the style of the room before committing to a sofa.


It can be the key to a great look. Blank walls are so depressing, why not use some space to show great drawings or pictures? Artwork does not have to be expensive: don't try to look a millionaire or an art expert if you are not. Use picture-hanging hooks, they are the best solution. Don't forget to create a sense of balance in colours.


Decorating your house can be tiring, but it can really be the key to your success. Your house should reflect your personality, try to make it look “you”.

Source by Dani V