A living room without a coffee table is incomplete. It's like a supermodel without the lipstick, undone. Just as lipstick is an important aspect of makeup that completes the overall look of a model, so is the perfect coffee table when it comes to your living room. These tables serve a multitude of purposes, right from acting as a storage unit to completing the look of your home. So, which type of table is best for you? With a plethora of these on the market, you can easily become confused. Here are a few pointers to guide you in buying the type of coffee table that will match your home décor.

1. Shape: When you plan to buy furniture for your living room, you have to think about the best shape for the space. Do you have small children running around? In this case a round or an oval table would be best. There will no edges jutting out which may cause injury. A rounded coffee table will also give you more room to move about.

2. Size: After you have settled on the shape, you need to understand what size you want. Before you determine the size you should know that the height of a table shouldn't be less than one or two inches from the seat of your sofa or couch. While the standard height is 16-18 inches, if your couch is higher you may want to go for a taller table. If you are putting it in an area where you entertain guests, then you might want to buy a taller one anyway as this will be much more convenient for guests to place their glasses or cups on.

3. Functionality: What use will you put your coffee table to? Will the table be for decorative purposes or will you use it as storage; perhaps you wish to use it for a combination of the two? Many tables come with storage units that can be used to store kids' toys, CDs, magazines or other things you use every day. If your coffee table is going to get a lot of use it is a good idea to buy one which is sturdy and stable; although, of course, stability is always important.

4. Material: These tables come in a wide array of materials ranging from metal to glass and wood. Wood offers a more sophisticated look while metal and glass offer a modern contemporary feel.

The perfect coffee table is out there for you. It depends entirely on your choice. Sometimes thinking outside of the box will allow you to choose something that is fabulous yet functional.


Source by Manisha Kumar