You could be reading this article at home or on the tube to work. I guarantee, no matter where you are, close by there will be women looking for one night stands. You need to know how to find them and how to talk them in to meeting you. What you need is a system. I will tell you in only a few sentences how any idiot, any moron who could be ugly and broke and no good with women, can locate and arrange a one night stand with a woman in under 5 minutes. Don't believe me? Try it out and tell me if I'm wrong!

You are going to need two things for this method to work, both of which are free: an email account (something from Yahoo!, for instance) and a free membership to a top dating site with a ton of members. Use the free email account to get a free membership to some big dating site. It must be big because we need a lot of female members who live in your vicinity. They make you create a dating profile to get your free membership. That's fine. Just do something quick. No need to even upload a photo. You do not need one for this to work.

Log into the dating site with your new account and go directly to the search page. Unlike online classifieds, which are full of fakers and have no decent search function, a big dating site only has real members and you can search based on specific criteria. Put in your zip code, select results to appear as close as possible to where you live, and choose women looking for one night stands (you can do this on advanced search in most dating sites). Before you will be a list of dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of women looking for casual encounters.

What you now do is simply instant message as many “online women” as possible. You can paste the same message to each woman. Tell them something along the lines of this: “I am not the most handsome guy BUT I would love you to give me the chance to worship you and give you the best one night stand of your life!” I guarantee, this message will get a lot of replies. Within 5 minutes of beginning to make your dating profile, you will have dozens of women running to have a one night stand with you.

Source by Angelina Andrews