Office desks are one of the most important components of any office. In fact, the everyday official operations and other functions cannot be carried out without their help. They are used to keep files and folders, important papers, to write and keep the computer system. Desks in offices are something that are used consistently all the day. Even when employees are not in office during holidays, their papers, computer and other possessions are placed on the desks.

There area many types of office desks that are available in the market.

1.Computer Desks:

These office desks are specifically used for computing purposes. The main feature in these desks is that they have adjustable part, like an adjustable keyboard and adjustable legs and height, so that the table can be customised. It is an ideal choice for someone whose primary work involves the consistent use of computers.

2.Reception Desks:

These office desks are specifically designed for the purpose of being used in the reception area. They are designed by keeping in mind that the reception is the part of the office often seen by the public. It is available in a variety of attractive shapes, designs and colours so as to create a good first impression for the office.

3.L-Shaped Desks:

The name itself describes its shape. These office desks are L shaped and the main purpose behind using office desks office desks of the L shape is to allow the usage of space to the maximum. This can be used for multiple purposes, but is most commonly found in the reception area.

4.U-Shaped Desks: These office desks, again as the name suggests are U in shape. Since they are shaped in a semi circle, they provide the person using it a lot of space to work and even move about. It also gives the person using it a feeling of a private space or corner. It is an ideal desk for a person who has to multitask.

Source by Brooke Theresa