If you are considering whether or not to buy a glass office desk, you may be right to consider. Though there are different types, in general these types of desks will have upwards of 80 percent glass makeup in the top surface, not including the stand and legs, etc. There are many upsides and downsides to using glass, and it is important to understand these before you make a decision one way or another.


There are several good points about a glass office desk that are important to keep in mind. One of these is that glass desks are often much lighter than wooden or metal ones. This is because of course glass is more lightweight, which works well if you are planning on necessitating a move of your office furniture more than once in the near future. Another perk is the look of these desks. Unlike bulky wooden desks, glass desks have a lightweight, more modern look to them, making them ideal for the upward traveling office manager or anyone with a very modern style and taste for their office furniture. Depending on the exact type of glass desk you choose, your desk storage should be perfect as well.


The first major con for a glass office desk is the price. Though beautiful and modern, manufacturers take advantage of the fact that these are in fact made from glass, and price accordingly. Another downfall of using this kind of desk is the uncertainty of its sturdiness. Even if you'll use the utmost care, your clients or customers as they come in may be clumsy or even careless, and you won't want an investment to be broken so quickly. Though some models of the glass desks used for offices come with adequate desk storage, the majority do not. Many desks made from glass, wishing to look as modern and sleek as possible, have no desk storage space at all, so this is important to keep in mind considering you may have to buy a new file cabinet or organizers to sit atop that new glass office desk.

Source by Stewart Baker