The secretary desk is one of the longest desks that have been in use over the centuries. Before there were any electronic gadgets that would handle of the secretaries tasks with the click of button, a secretary would handle all the operations for their employer and would use this desk to their job. The most common secretary desk has a plank that can be swung down and would be used for handling the correspondence.

The most common type of office was the home office and those with the means had an employee who would work from that office. These secretaries were nearly always male and they worked directly with their employer. The most common type of business was the running of their estates which would mean hours spent tallying incoming and outgoing finances. This made the secretary desk a vital tool for the job.

There are 2 sections of a secretary desk. The bottom holds the legs and the drawers of the desk. The top is a hutch with a plank that could be lowered to write upon. Also in the hutch were pigeon holes where the important documents of the estate would be kept when not in use. After business hours, the estate owner would lock up the desk to keep out prying eyes.

Secretary desks are typically made of wood. Many of these pieces were made of the trees that were indigenous to the area. Those with the means would import woods to have their secretary desks made as a symbol of their wealth.

Even after the office went from the environs of the home to the business centers and capitals, the secretary desks did not languish. They simply moved to the office outside of the home. It was not until the industrial revolution and the advent of electricity that the secretary desk declined in popularity and was assigned a role as a decoration as opposed to a work station.

These pieces simply became family heirlooms or antiques. Many were given to sons and daughters and then passed down again. Many will use them for storing important documents. Others retain a cherished spot in the house where they can be admired for their beauty.

It is nice to see that these works of art are now becoming the fashion again. There is a rise in the popularity of the secretary desks and they are highly sought after. Because of their compact nature, they are perfect for the condo owner with limited space. This desk is also a good solution for a laptop computer desk.

The secretary desks can be found all over the world now. You can purchase one from your local warehouse store to any furniture store in your area. Many are made of wood or wood by products. You can find these in many price ranges as well. It does not matter if you tales lie with the simplistic style or the over the top wood carvings, you will be able to find one to match your tastes.


Source by Sam Lewis