Various cultures and countries have decorated walls and homes with different objects, styles and designs in order to adhere to cultural norms or in some cases to ensure good karma!

Some tribes of the Congo in fact where inclined to paint the walls of their huts with the blood of their enemies to ensure good karma! Not quite your style? Here's some of our favorite decorating tips to help spread good karma throughout your home.

1. Artwork

Pictures, Wall Hangings, Photographs, all images can invoke a strong sense of who you are and what you are all about. Images that make you feel good, put you at peace and lift your spirit and soul ultimately have a profound effect on how you react and act towards situations and people. Do you want to offer a beautiful soul and spirit to the world? Then ensure you are surrounded with artwork that offers peace, serenity, beautiful spirit and watch your karma soar!

2. Colour

Colour is a powerful tool. Certain colours can bring up joyous happy feelings, or feelings of despair and anger. Good karma is emphasized when the spirit is joyful and uplifted. Colour therapy is used by many people to help heal and promote good energy. The best way to get the most benefits from colour is to meditate on it. So why not surround yourself with the right colours to gain the benefits from it and to help to keep your karma moving in a positive direction!

Red – for vitality and ambition – however too much can make you angry!

Pink – soothing, calming, nurturing and unselfish love

Orange – for joy, stimulating the mind and life

Yellow – for happiness, celebration and self confidence

Green – for nature and destressing

Turquoise – for refreshing, invigorating and new starts

3. De-Clutter

Is clutter keeping your good karma is neutral mode? maybe its time to declutter, recycle, reorganize and rearrange! In order to allow your good karma essence to expand you need to give it space to! Ensure that your decorating includes getting rid of old furniture, clutter and unloved pieces in order to bring in items that you truly love, that make you happy and are able to spread your good vibrations throughout the house

4. Let Your Light Shine!

A beautifully lit room can inspire you to feel creative, special and loved. Light can change your mood, lift your spirit and change the energy of your home! Good energy invokes good karma. Experiment with candles, ambient lighting and dimmers to create a mood worthy of your soul.

5. Adding Life

Good Karma is symbolized by environment filled with life! Using fresh flowers and plants in your decorating can add a sense of the beauty of life and the nurturing side of your soul. Strategically placed greenery can help to remind to cherish, value and nurture all living things. Certainly a good indications of beautiful karma.

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