There are numerous types of beds to choose from. There are various features you should look for, when making a choice. Most people do not consider having a daybed, but you should definitely look into this option.

The daybed has all of the qualities that you might be looking for. It is extremely practical. In terms of size, it matches a standard single or twin model. However, it has panels on one side and on the back. These make is easy to turn into a couch and use it as such during the day. You simply need to put some cushions on it. The multifunctional purpose of this model makes it great to fit in a tiny bedroom or even in the living room, if you live in a small apartment.

There are other features that add to the functionality of the daybed. Most models have drawers underneath the platform, which supports the mattress. Others have trundles instead. In any case, you can benefit from such features. You can readily use the drawers to put blankets, pillows and duvets. Alternatively, you can make the most out of the trundle when you have guests.

The daybeds are usually made from metal, wood or from both materials. This guarantees their durability. However, these models do not score that high in terms of comfort. Indeed, this aspect depends mostly on the mattress, but the design of the frame matters a lot as well. You will have panels surrounding you on three out of four sides. These might cause you some discomfort, especially if you are used to sleeping on a standard bed. Still, you can readily opt for a model with a lower back panel.

Overall, you should evaluate the pros and cons for the daybed by yourself to decide whether it is right for you.

Source by Johnny Fu