For sofas that offer the finest balance between comfort, quality of construction and timeless, simple and stylish design, the contemporary furniture pieces coming from Italy stand unmatched and cannot fail to liven up any modern home. These pieces can add so much as they don't simply work as a stunning focal point to the living room, but the subtlety and economy in the design and construction make them unobtrusive and versatile. Getting your choice of contemporary sofa just right is crucial to the success of your home design, not only because their size and practicality are so influential, but they are pretty tough to replace, so it's bound to be a big decision. Fortunately the variety on offer from the high-end modern furniture retailers (both physical and online) is sure to help you make the perfect decision, with even more to choose from online.

The type of sofa you choose depends very much on your personal preferences and lifestyle. For example, if you have young children, you may want to avoid the colour white! If you are looking for a space-saving solution, consider a compact two-seater, whereas if you have a large rambling country house you may have enough space to invest in a big corner sofa group.

The term ‘contemporary sofas' has a broad definition. This is an area in which Italian designers are especially strong. Despite the tasteful styles favoured by these Italian designers, their contemporary furniture pieces – including their sofas – are usually distinctive. The simplicity that these pieces offer do lend themselves to bolder colours. Primary reds work just as well as more natural, lighter tones as the clean lines work almost as a blank canvas. The deliberate and stylish design of these contemporary Italian pieces allows for great leaps when experimenting with varieties of tones and even materials. Bolder lines and angles lean towards an eye-catching symmetry that can't fail to stand out and make an impression.

Leather is a must as it carries any colour with a lustrous texture and immaculate look. Contemporary Italian sofas that seat more people still appear compact and light while remaining comfortable and spacious. Corner sofas are one of the most popular trends in contemporary furniture design and work perfectly in the Italian style. They can add a sense of grandeur to a larger living room, while even a more substantial sofa can slink neatly into the corner of somewhere smaller. It's easy to make these uniquely stylish pieces work wherever you choose to include them.

Source by Karen Bucceri