A round coffee table placed between a sofa set is the perfect solution for adjoining two sides of a room. The right table not only transforms rooms, but also soothes attitudes and breaks down barriers to conversation. The round coffee table has been described as an elegant solution for parties where guests meet for the first time. It's a psychology thing to be sure.

A rich interaction is the byproduct because all materials and people are on equal footing because the space is equal. Unlike a rectangle or square table there is no head or dominate position.

Warming up the den fits perfectly when you select a round shape as the centerpiece. They can accentuate the dramatic elements of a formal living space with efficiency, effectiveness and functionality. This modern accessory can be expressive. It inspires productivity and represents a sense of the artistic.

There is a mini renaissance involving tables with art deco flair. A small coffee table in this design is certain to invoke nostalgia. Small and round tables replicate this sense of nostalgia.

Wide living areas can benefit from another popular small table design. The square coffee table fills visual voids when included with a large sofa and chair set to draw all the pieces together. Contrary to popular belief a mixture of tables, chairs and sofas a necessary design feature for any room.

On the other hand, investing in the round glass design fits the more traditional room style. It can lighten the heaviness of the room and add subtle elegance that draws guest and feels comfortable. Upon entering the room nothing is more fitting than the console table. It can be adored as a centerpiece that draws in the guest and invites them to enter your sanctuary where the glass coffee tables continue that flow.

For those of us who multitask and have lots of books, magazines, journals and papers then the best solution for your space might be a flip top coffee table. It keeps the space uncluttered and organized at the same time. Add some accent tables so you can easily refocus the room to fit your needs at any time.

Paying attention to height, dimension, width and features of your table design allows you to transform the room by literally with moving one piece of furniture. Depending on your style, glass, acrylic, fabric or iron and glass tables may be the perfect fit. No worry, there are more design choices than you can imagine.

Maybe an oak or maple oval end table paired with wood and cloth furniture might be the perfect combination to enhance the beauty of the other pieces. Add the versatility of end tables in mufti-legged configurations or open top options and you can begin to see the versatility.

Source by Joel Williams