Canal Dover Furniture Company's range of bedroom furniture is crafted from solid American hardwood and crafted by experienced woodworking specialists. The 28 collections – yes, 28 collections – offer you a fabulous choice of furniture irrespective of the decorative stye of your bedroom.

We are reviewing two of these here, from opposite ends of the spectrum. -The first is the Jamestown collection which reflects the old colonial days when our forefathers were getting together to push the English out and claim this great nation as their own – our on now, thanks to them.

The second is the Pacific collection, a modern-looking collection of bedroom furniture in black and white that displays very clean lines and contrasts, and might even attract the envious glances of your teenaged kids – who knows what they are thinking! However, it is an option you can offer them, although this is high quality furniture, hand-made to exacting standards of craftsmanship.

The Jamestown Bedroom Furniture Collection

The Jamestown bedroom furniture collection is a colonial style of furniture, available in maple, oak and cherry with a number of wood finishes. The wood stains used enhance the grain and beautiful patterns of the natural wood. The range comprises eight pieces, of which two are the panel bed and wrought iron bed, the difference being in the headboards.

The 60-inch high headboard of the panel bed consists of a top rail over three small panels, with two large panels beneath them. The alternative has a length of beautiful wrought iron scrollwork in place of the top panels. You really must see this to appreciate it. Each bed is available in Queen, King and California King sizes. The footboards are 24 inches high.

Also included are a dresser with a 42-inch square mirror, and a dressing chest with a 59 inch long x 25 inch high mirror. The dresser consists of six half-width drawers, while the dressing chest also has 6 drawers plus three narrower drawers above them.

There are also two 56-inch high chests – a lingerie chest at 26 inches wide and a regular chest at 38 inches wide. Add a night stand and a night table and you have the full set. The design is traditional Colonial and this set would look great in any style of bedroom.

The Pacific Collection

For this review we looked at the Canal Dover Pacific collection in maple with a weathered white soapstone finish and oak with black satin paint. It was the striking black and white contrast that caught our eye. Your kids are sure to prefer this to the Colonial collection. Generally, the drawers are white and the framework black.

The bed is a loft bed, again in Queen, King and California King sizes. The platform is 10 inches high, and the four optional rectangular plain headboards stand between 46 and 52 inches high, starting at ground level.

The 7-drawer lingerie chest is 54 inches high, and a 6-drawer 48-inch regular chest is also an option. Add to that a black and white 6-drawer dresser and a uniquely styled nightstand, and you have here a good-looking bedroom furniture set that will suit mainly the younger elements and those who prefer to move away from the traditional wood finishes.

Other Bedroom Collections

Once you see these two collections of Canal Dover bedroom furniture, you can imagine the other collections that lie between them, such as the wonderful Shaker and beautiful Brooklyn collections. In the event that you cannot see something online or in the showroom to catch your eye, you can choose from a number of wood finishes. Often, the only difference between old fashioned bedroom furniture and modern is the difference in the wood finish and paint color!

Construction of Canal Dover Furniture

Like most hand-made furniture, Canal Dover furniture is crafted using high-quality sustainable wood and traditional carpentry techniques. Most rail joints are crafted using mortise and tenon joints, while cabinet and drawer front, back and sides are joined using strong dovetails. The catalyst varnishes used provide a very tough surface that resists knocks and heat more than regular varnishes. Seven-step catalyzed cured varnishes are the most durable used in the industry.

Canal Dover bedroom furniture is as good as it gets, every piece being hand-made by craftsmen and women using the best carpentry techniques available today. The choice is huge and the quality is awesome – you can see it just by looking at it and touching it. Those in the know can tell quality by its feel – all Canal Dover furniture has that feel, and it is 100% made in America!


Source by Peter Nisbet