On many occasions , baby cradles are a godsend in getting our babies to quickly fall asleep with the gentle rocking motion.

Creating the rocking motion with our arms and shoulders can be very exhausting after a while.

So why do so many parents hesitate when deciding whether or not to get a baby cradle?

The reason is of course, conventional baby cradles usually only caters to infants up to 6 months old. Once our little one reaches a certain size, the baby cradles can no longer be utilised. It seems a waste of money getting something that we only use for 6 months.

Angel Line's Gliding Cradle & Loveseat tries to address this issue by designing another usage into the baby cradle. With the glider mechanism, one side of the cradle can be dismantled and the baby cradle can thus function as a loveseat, capable of seating up to 2 toddlers.

This design extends the lifespan of this baby cradle, and makes it a worthwhile investment.

In addition, the overall design of the Angel Line's Gliding Cradle & Loveseat is well thought out in terms of safety, compared to other more aesthetically pleasing baby cradles in the market.

  • The glider mechanism ensures that the possibility of the baby cradle over-turning is kept to a minimum, due to the limited arc that the glider can move
  • The wide glider mechanism base ensures a low center of gravity, adding stability to the baby cradle structure
  • The baby cradle is made of solid hardwood, making it very sturdy and durable
  • The height from the mattress to the top of the cradle is a long 11 inches, making it very unlikely that our baby may fall from the cradle

The Angel Line's Gliding Cradle & Loveseat do have some negative points.

  • The cradle is heavy and not easily moveable, as mobility is sacrificed for safety
  • The design is aesthetically simple and ordinary looking, without any fancy feature
  • Choice of colours are limited

In summary, the Angel Line's Gliding Cradle & Loveseat is a sturdy and solid design that places great emphasis on safety and extension of the usage lifespan.

The safety of our little ones is paramount, and the positive advantages of this baby cradle far outweigh the inconsequential negative points highlighted.

Source by Weng Kin Chew