If you're thinking of getting sectional sofas for your living room, you can be sure of having versatile furniture that can breathe life into your most creative interior design concepts. These can be split, combined, and rearranged with other items in the room.

Some decorators discourage separating a sectional sofa since this may make your living room look awkward and unfinished. But what's the point of having sectional furniture if you're not going to play with it a bit? With a little creativity, you can properly break up a sectional sofa and make your living room look even better.

From regular variants to modern options, sectional sofas come in all shapes, colors, and sizes; some have chaise lounge ends for increased comfort, while others have standard ends. Splitting the sofa apart will depend on these differences since you'll have to treat each part individually once separated.

Keep in mind that when it comes to breaking up a sectional sofa, each part should stand on its own and – as much as possible – shouldn't seem like they're missing any parts.

One way of doing this is by using different colored slipcovers to make each part of the sectional appear to be different pieces of furniture. Even better, you can blend your sectional sofa's largest section with your living room by choosing slipcovers that have the same color as the walls.

As blending your sofa with its surroundings will make it look smaller, it will also help to make your living room look more spacious. This is because it will be one less element in the room that draws attention.

You can also add throw pillows to a neutral-colored sectional to emphasize each seat's distinction from the others. Ideally, the throw pillows colors should match the other accents of your living room.

Another effective way of splitting sectional sofas is by establishing focal points in the room. A focal point is any element in your living room that draws the eye and is interesting enough to encourage viewers to look further. Examples of these are television sets and fireplaces.

If you want to focus on one area of the room, you can rearrange your seats so that they form a semi-circle. Add a rug or coffee table at the center of this circle to unite the pieces. Between the chairs, you can add potted plants to make good use of the extra space.

Whether it's through slipcover color combinations, strategic placement, or adding accessories, breaking up sectional sofas can still create a cohesive living room for you and your family to enjoy.

Source by Seleena Ismael