Many businesses are moving away from the traditional office plan of corridors with a complex of offices and departments. Large, open plan office spaces offer improved communication, increased space efficiency with less wall space and more area for desks and storage.

Modern business organizations are becoming aware of the benefits of an open plan office versus a traditional departmental office layout. As modern building techniques progress, large open office spaces, without the restrictions of internal structural walls and support pillars are rapidly becoming a common sight. An open office space is like a blank canvass to an interior designer, who has the freedom to make the best of the space available.

Modern office desk systems are also making the best use of these open plan work places. Call Centre Desk systems are arranged in ‘pods'; small clusters of between three and eight desks arranged in a circular unit with a shared, central communications hub. These desks, although small, offer excellent value for money. The main disadvantage is the small desk area which is ideal where computer screens are linked to a central network processor but they are not so practical if each workstation has its own stand-alone computer hardware.

Most office desk manufacturers offer a modular system of desks which allows sharing of desk components to reduce the costs of each workstation. These ‘bench desk' systems are perfect for large, open office spaces and provide a very clean, contemporary look for your office. Office bench desks have benefits other than the cost. Shared support legs are often ‘inset' – or recessed under the desk – allowing more freedom of movement for the user. The beam construction provides an extremely strong desk, capable of supporting significant weight without distorting the desk tops.

There are modular components available such as desk extensions, storage units, screens and shelving to complete your office look. One particular range offers a very practical sliding desk top. The Linnea Bench Desk range, by Elite Office Furniture Ltd, has a very clever design which allows the work top to slide, exposing the cable management tray, for easy access to power and data supplies. This is particularly useful for ‘hot desk' applications used by occasional users who need to access power for a portable computer or laptop. The Linnea range of office bench desks also has built-in cable management trays at no additional cost.

The modern office needs the flexibility to be able to expand as your business grows. With modular bench desks, additional desk space is simply a matter of purchasing additional units, usually with shared components to reduce costs, then simply adding them to your existing desk layout. The side by side design of bench desk systems ensures that the maximum number of workstations can be utilized in your office space for maximum efficiency.

Office bench desks are a versatile and extremely practical option for your office needs.

Source by Neil Remnant