There is no doubt that a glass desk is a trendy furniture piece to have in any office or home. There is a unique style that only a glass desk can offer to your home or office. It helps create an image that just has to attract visitors and customers.

Glass furniture is increasingly becoming more popular and acceptable, and a large number of homes or business establishments can boast of this. The reason is not far-fetched: there's hardly a better choice of furniture that combines such elegance and charm with functionality. So it's been established that glass desks are really wonderful furniture, but there's a usually burning question that comes up: how safe are they?

There have been several reports of injuries taking place as a result of glass mishap. There have even been fatalities resulting from glass related accidents both in the home and at the work place. This brings to mind an event that happened some few years ago. A man was carrying a glass desk when the desk imploded, resulting in serious injuries to his jugular veins. Eventually, he lost the ability to speak-he became dumb. There are other less frightening but no less important reports of accidents resulting from glass breakage. Thus there's a need for caution.

The most common injury that can result from the usage of your glass office desk is breakage of the glass top into potentially lethal shards. In actual fact, this is the most commonly reported mishaps regarding glass furniture. In such reported cases, there have been complaints of these dangerous shards causing serious injuries due to disintegration of the glass top. This has raised concerns about the safety of glass desks in the office and also in the home.

Of course manufacturers are aware of this which is why most glass furniture pieces are now usually made of safety glass, also known as tempered glass. Injuries resulting from this kind of glass are minimal and less serious than those resulting from regular glass. In fact in European Union Countries, all glass furniture including glass desks are mandated by law to be produced from tempered glass. This is because when this type of glass breaks, it fragments into small pieces, and thus poses no life threatening injury.

To ensure your safety, insist on getting glass desk furniture that is made from tempered glass. Patronizing reputable stores is a good way of ensuring this.

Source by Jessica M Delino