People who like to drink beer, wine, liquor and even some who consume only non-alcoholic drinks will often think about installing a wet bar in their home. A nicely appointed bar can add a note of distinction to your place. One common appliance a wet bar shouldn't be without is a bar fridge. You're going to need to consider getting one of these for your new bar!

Installing a refrigerator in a cabinet behind the bar isn't terribly difficult and maybe you're handy enough to tackle this project on your own. Otherwise, you can hire someone who has the necessary carpentry skills to do the work for you. Probably any competent handyman is up to the task.

Next, decide if the new reefer will be going into an existing cabinet or a new one that can be ‘made to order'. Bar refrigerators come in all sizes and configurations. You want what will work best for you. If you'll be using an existing cabinet, your size options will be fewer.

You'll also need to consider approximate inside dimensions according to what you'll be storing in the cooling unit. If you use two-liter bottles, you'll need taller shelving. Wine bottles should be placed on their sides, requiring deeper shelves.

If you'll be utilizing an existing cabinet your choice of sizes will be limited to the dimensions of the cabinet, for the most part. You need to make sure there's a gap left on the top and both sides. This will facilitate easier access. If the appliance sticks out a little from the cabinet, extra wood slats can be added to accommodate this.

Making a new cabinet to fit your new ‘icebox' shouldn't be too tough, assuming you have some basic woodworking talent. Make sure to use a strong, durable wood for the construction and to leave a gap for air to circulate and heat to dissipate. You'll need to have an electrical connection nearby also.

You can buy a new bar fridge that's already built into a cabinet, so to speak, by design. These models are typically significantly higher in price that a normal refrigerator, which makes building your own cabinet not only practical but more economical. If you want to try your hand at some DIY (do-it-yourself) this is a good project to tackle because it's not too difficult and the results should be pleasing. And every time you go to grab a cold beer or other beverage, you'll feel a little personal satisfaction at a job well done.

Source by Sam Carey