I have seen many bedbug infestations in my time in the pest control industry. Usually they start by infesting a bedroom and mattress. Once the person starts sleeping on the couch downstairs, they eventually bring the bedbugs with them to the couch. Today we are going to discuss how to get bed bugs out of a couch.

I need to be upfront in saying that it is really difficult to get bedbugs out of a couch. The only way you can guarantee to kill everything in a couch is to have the couch fumigated by a professional pest control company. You would need to rent a moving truck and put all of your personal belongings in the truck where a pest control company can fumigate all of your personal belongings inside the truck for 24-48 hours. This kills everything living in the truck. For the cost of this type of treatment, you could probably just purchase a new couch.

If you want to try to save your couch, I recommend vacuuming the couch completely. You will have to vacuum everything very well. You may not be able to completely eliminate all of the bedbugs infesting the couch, but this is the only treatment that could be somewhat effective. The bedbugs are most likely infesting the inside of the couch, so you might have to take the couch apart to effectively vacuum it.

As you can see, it is possible to get these nasty critters out of your couch, but it is going to be extremely difficult for you to do it yourself. If you want to know my answer on how to get rid of bed bugs in a couch, I would tell you to take it (along with other personal belongings) to a professional exterminator to fumigate the truck. Only a few companies do fumigation services, so you will need to call ahead.


Source by Christian M Smith