Perhaps you recently purchased a television set and would like to buy a TV stand to complement your latest investment. After all, TVs are considered the highlight of a living room. Why not maximize its effect by setting it on top of a television stand that is perfect for your home? There are a lot of T.V. stand choices out there and perhaps you need help in determining which one to buy. As you may already know, the material of the stand counts a lot and has a significant effect on the overall look as well as the sturdiness of the furniture. Among the different materials available, two remain to be the bestsellers: glass TV stands and wooden TV stands. How then can you determine which one is for you? These are some things that you should weigh before buying.

Glass stands and wooden Television stands vary greatly in terms of their look. More often than not, glass television stands fit modern looking homes very well as it goes with the contemporary and stylish appeal. On the other hand, wooden TV stands are usually the choice of those with a classic home that is decorated with browns and earth tones. Hence, if your home is leaning towards modern, then a glass T.V. stand is for you. Otherwise, the wooden stand should be the best choice.

Like any other furniture or item, the durability depends greatly on how it is made and how well it is maintained. The same thing applies for television stands. If it is made with good quality and if it is handled right, you can be assured that it will serve you for a long time. Handle it without care and you will be surprised with how soon it will deteriorate. Still, the material is also a factor. The good thing about wooden stands is that you do not have to worry about accidentally breaking it because that requires extra human strength, unlike glass TV stands which are generally more fragile. Both, however, are susceptible to scratches so this must be avoided.

Although both are just as susceptible to dust, glass stands tend to make these particles more obvious because it reflects light. Hence, glass stands should be cleaned and wiped more often to make sure that it retains its brilliance and shine. No one wants a dull looking stand. It will make the rest of the room look dusty and dirty as well.

Glass TV stands and wooden stands both have its pros and cons. It is up to you to decide and figure out which material best fits your lifestyle the best.


Source by Harry Wallett