A four poster bed has four posts in each corner, usually capped at the top. Initially, it was designed to support a tester used for hanging curtains. It enclosed the bed and protected the sleeper from insects and drafts. Original bed was designed for the specific purposes but this modern day bed is merely a piece of furniture giving a traditional look to your room.

The poster bed has been known as “the king of beds” or “the bed of kings”. These beds are the choice of elite people as they add luxury to their room furniture. They have been considered as royal beds bringing charm and old elegant style to your bedroom. These poster beds are a symbol of charming decors, wealth and royalty, thus boosting a long history.  

Four Poster Beds History


Four poster bed were first made in the Austria in the 15th century. Purpose of these beds was to protect the sleeper from drafts, pests and insects. Tudor, the four poster bed had canopy at the top with four posts.


Tudor was a huge poster bed with marvelously carved posts having 18 inches of diameter holding the weight of wooden canopy. The carvings on the bed displayed wife's and husbands family coat of arms prepared from griffin's, knights, monsters, metals and cupids. The drapes and tapestries used were greatly embroidered in magnificent designs and colors. When visiting mansions, lords carry these beds along with themselves. Portable beds were usually called “trussing beds”. 

For many centuries now, beds are considered as a significant element in houses and are regarded as a symbol of wealth. In fact, in present world, there are people who desire to own a four poster bed. Several popular hotels catering to the needs of rich clients are slowly realizing the true value of poster beds in their hotel rooms. They have realized that sleeping in a poster bed is an experience their clients will relish forever.


Beds were decorated with the silver, gold and precious stones adding further flamboyance to them. Velvet, silk and other fine fabric bed covers added more elegance to these beds. Instead of straw mattresses, feather beds commanded luxury to them.


Modern day poster bed


There are few advantages of machine made poster beds:

  • They are available in wide range of designs.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • In a short span of time, a large no. of such beds can be produced.

However, handmade four poster beds have their own advantages and charm. You have the choice of selecting timber or wood and you can even get them designed according to the size of your room. Not only they are biodegradable, they are long lasting and eco friendly. Due to the rise in the cost of timber and workmanship, handmade poster beds can give you a run for money. 

Therefore, with the vast variety of designs, sizes and styles , these poster beds fits well into your budgets as well as your room.

Source by Erric Ravi