I have lots of memories being in that special corner in my room reading and daydreaming. When I had my child and needed to remodel her bedroom, the first piece of furniture I purchased was a beautiful daybed with all the frills. I wanted her to have the same experience as I did. I did some research online and found some facts about daybeds you may not be aware of.

Daybeds: 11 Facts You May Not Know

1. Are quite versatile which opens up a variety of ways to utilize them in your home.

2. Many times Trundles are used and hide underneath the main bed. They can be pulled out whenever you need them.

3. Daybeds are perfect for a den, office, sunroom, guest or a child's rooms.

4. There are two types of trundles for daybeds. There is a pop-up trundle and there is a drawer trundle. Pop-up trundles can transform your twin-size daybed into a king-size bed.

5. All daybeds are constructed for standard twin mattresses which is 39 in. x 75 in.

6. If you like to sink further down into your mattress when you sleep, a soft support daybed mattress is a good choice..

7. If you like more support and like to sink into your mattress somewhat, a medium daybed support mattress is a good choice.

8. If you are looking for total body support, a firm support daybed mattress is a good choice.

9. When planning on using your daybed mattress every single day, a standard quality daybed mattress is suggested.

10. Daybed covers are attractive bedding that have layered fabric which gives it a much tailored look.

11. Daybed bedding includes a comforter, a bed skirt along with three shams. These multilayers make the daybed look like a real bed. The difference between a Daybed comforter and a Twin Comforter is that the Daybed is- 52w x 99L and the Twin is 62w x 86L

When you a remodeling a room and decorating you may want to consider a daybed. You can create a cozy corner in the room for reading which is ideal for teens.

Never underestimate the possibilities…

Source by Justine Jordan