Way back in grad school when I was learning how to be a counselor, we did this little exercise in a gender studies class. What does this have to do with crossdressing tips? Bear with me just a moment – one of the things I find strange between my MtF and FtM clients is the increased violence that male cross dressers face.

Genetic men and women are raised differently. Its a fact that us social scientists argue about the why's and how's, but it is a FACT. Genetic women are socialized differently from a very young age, and learning to think like a woman and keep yourself save is the single most valuable of all the crossdressing tips I can offer.

The Exercise

This is a little difficult to do by yourself and you will get better results if you poll a bunch of friends – preferably including not only cross dressers but genetic men and women who would consider themselves “straight” and rather vanilla.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are out one evening after work, in boy mode, shopping at the mall for something blasé like a gift for a friend.

When you leave the mall proper and begin to walk out to your car, it has become dark outside.

  • Where are you parked?
  • How do you walk to your vehicle? What goes through your mind?
  • Basically, describe your experience as you leave the stores and go through the lot to your vehicle.

Okay, so if you have never cross dressed in public before, you are probably wondering how the heck this exercise applies to crossdressing tips?

Well, the interesting difference is in how genetic males and females describe their different walks out. Almost every straight man in my class and just about everywhere just walks to his car and doesn't really think about anything “out of the ordinary.” Genetic women, on the other hand usually enter high alert mode when walking outside alone at night. They start thinking about where the keys are, where the pepper spray is, did I park under a light? The internal conversation changes to one of safety.

Crossdressing Tips for Safety

Even if you think it will never happen to you, safety when alone is almost always on a genetic female's mind. Increase your confidence by keeping these crossdressing tips in mind: Always lock all your car doors, even when you are inside and driving – car jacking happens and women or those passing as females are the most frequent victims.

  • Always park in well lit areas.
  • Always inspect the inside of your vehicle before you get in it.
  • Have your keys out and in hand before you walk outside – keys can be an excellent weapon if you need to defend yourself and having them ready can help you get away so you don't need to.
  • Drive off if someone tries to enter your vehicle while you are inside. If you can't, lean on the horn to alert anyone else in the area to the problem. Often if its a well trafficked area, this is enough to scare the person off.
  • If you think someone is following you, drive to the nearest police office, fire station, or hospital. DO NOT drive home.

Source by Jessica D.