If you are like me, then just the thought of endless hours of exercise is probably enough to bring you out in a sweat. Now, I don't like exercise but I have to say, I do like to look my best and like most guys I also wish that I had a rippling set of abs. That's why I am always looking for ways to short cut my exercise regime yet still get amazing results. And you know what… I think I have found the way!

By following some simple rules and making some small lifestyle changes I managed to get a six pack that I could only have dreamed about a few years ago, and what's more, I did it in just a few months.

So, what amazing steps did I take to transform myself from couch potato to bronzed beach Adonis (ok, not quite)? Well, it wasn't as difficult as you might think.

Here are my killer tips to get that rippling six pack – even if you are a couch potato.

Reduce your calorific intake. I learned to cut back on starchy and fatty foods and replaced my 3 large meals a day with a bunch of smaller ones. By eating more often I actually lost weight quicker than by exercising and eating big meals.

I learned the value of staying hydrated. I now drink about 2 litres of cold water every day – it tastes great and it keeps my metabolism firing at its peak rate.

I started doing more cardio in short sharp stints. My workout regime used to be lots of work on the bike and some running on the treadmill. Not only was this boring but it didn't seem to do me a lot of good – even when I combined it with some weight work. Now, my whole routine takes me 15 minutes a day and the results have been amazing. Best of all – not a sit up in sight!

Early to bed, early to rise. By getting up earlier in the morning and working out at the start of the day I really saw huge gains. I used to work out at night and I couldn't get to sleep, but worst of all I would eat when I got home from the gym and then go to bed. By breaking these bad habits – not exercising and definitely not eating before I go to bed, I get a better night's sleep and have lost weight more rapidly than ever before.

So, there you are couch potatoes. No need to put that leotard on and ditch the pizza (although that would actually be a good idea). Just take some simple steps and implement a few easy lifestyle changes and you will notice a big difference in your weight loss. Of course, getting rippling abs takes a little more work but even that's a lot easier to do when your not lugging a couple of hundred pound of blubber around with you.


Source by Dave Simpson