Fine chalk powder, dust and food particles and even liquids such as water and wine find their way to the felt of the pool table. These things can easily damage felt when left unattended. Replacing it is not only difficult, but can also cost you a considerable amount of money. Not replacing it can hamper the gaming experience. If you want to avoid being stuck between the devil and the deep sea, the best option is to keep the felt clean at all points of time. Unlike the common notion, cleaning the felt of contemporary pool tables can be completed in a jiffy with minimal effort.

Cleaning the felt of the tables requires the use of a special brush called the pool table brush. Designed specifically for this purpose, the bristles of this brush are short at the centre and long around the edges. Using any brush other than this brush can lead to the felt tearing which is then difficult to repair. The bristles of the special brush are soft but effective in cleaning out even the tiniest particle of dust settled on the felt. This ensures a longer life span for the felt.

Before cleaning the felt, it is important to clean the rails that run along the border of the contemporary pool tables. Next, take out all the balls from the pockets and lay them on the table and clean them with a soft cloth and warm water and store them away in their case. Now, using gentle circular motions you can start cleaning the felt with minimal pressure. If you play pool, snooker, or billiards on a regular basis, doing this after each game is highly recommended. If the pool tables are used sparingly, this could be done once a week.

Cleaning liquid spills can be quite challenging since the felt used for these tables is extremely delicate. You can neither wipe it dry not scrub it clean. Liquid spills need to be cleaned using warm water and a white absorbent cloth only. Place the absorbent paper or cloth over the area of the spill and wait for the liquid to get absorbed. Once this is done, drop a few drops of warm water over the area and spread the absorbent cloth over it again. Do not use soap or any detergent since it can leave an indelible stain and also spoil the texture of the cloth.

Source by Soumya Madhusudan