“Cheesecake” is about a troubled 13 year old boy who is having difficulties at home. He has no father, and his alcoholic mother has a string of one-night-stands that all tend to end in drunken stupors. When Alyosha (Pavel Melenchuk) is chosen to be in a commercial for cheesecake (thus the name), it seems he may have finally caught a break.

He is earning some money which he can spend on himself, he has a job which helps keep him busy and out of trouble, and even if for only a little bit, he gets to feel what it is like to be a part of a real loving family as they sit around the table eating their pieces of cheesecake.

He soon develops such a desire to have a real family that he soon loses a grip on reality, believing that he can somehow transform his on-screen mom and dad into an actual permanent family, replete with a house, dog, and cheesecake.

His on-screen dad is a medical doctor in real life who has just broken up with his girlfriend. He comes home one evening from work to find Alyosha sleeping outside his front door. The doctor reluctantly allows the boy to spend the night, which over time evolves into the boy permanently moving in with him. Alyosha begins their transformation into a real family by throwing out the ex-girlfriends belongings.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend eventually shows back up, and added to that is the fact that the woman who plays the boy's mom is married. Alyosha needs a family, but there are two people who are in the way. He is determined to have a “real” family, and he is willing to do anything to get one. Just how far he will go might surprise the viewer.

Source by Christian Jentz