Choosing the right TV stands online for the home or even the office is crucial. First, it has to accommodate the television type. Most have flat screen or plasma, but some may still have the old tube style TV. Whatever the type there's definitely TV stands online to accommodate.

The most important thing is making sure the stand supports the TV and keeps it from falling. A television is not a cheap investment, and people can be injured if it falls. Take into account the weight capacity and dimensions of the TV stand, then consider how it will look as far as material and color.

Choosing a Stand by Type

This should be the simplest choice to make when deciding what type of TV stand online to get. Here's a brief explanation of the various types available.

DLP or Projection – The stand for a DLP (digital light projection) TV are wider than a regular stand because the screen is. They are also very lightweight so there is a huge selection of sizes and shapes when it comes to these stands.

Plasma or LCD- Both LCD and Plasma TV stands are made to hold these types specifically. Like DLP they are wider as the television is wider than it is deep.

Tube TV's – These are the most common type of TV and are usually around 40 inches. The stand will be square and deep to accommodate the design. These televisions are heavy so it should be able to support it with ease.

Choosing by Size

The size of the current TV or the one to be purchased is the most important consideration when shopping for TV stands online. Be sure the TV will fit atop the stand without any overlapping on the front, back or sides. It should be right in the center for safety reasons. No one wants to deal with accidents in their home or place of work.

Just as it's important to make sure the TV stand is big enough, it's also important to make sure it can accommodate whatever else one has as far as entertainment. Perhaps a stereo, Blu-ray player, or decorative items and photos; this is purely a matter of choice.

Stand Designs

This is the fun part of choosing TV stands online that will fit one's style. There are several design types to choose from. Consider the space it will be in and how well it will fit.


TV Armoires are best in the living room and bedroom. The best feature is that they conceal the television and have opening and closing components for other things. Often, the TV is the focus of a room so it's nice to hide it away for a clean and finished look that takes the emphasis off of electronics.

TV Cabinets

Television cabinets are often much shorter than an armoire, but let the individual support the TV and use the extra space to display or store multimedia to include games, movies and other components.

The Corner Stand

Man enjoy a corner stand as it lets a tube type be hidden in the corner. Of course, it also works with newer styles. It gets the television out of the way and sometimes brings more of a focus to the entertainment.


A swivel stand lets one move the TV to be well within sight in a safe way. This is great in large rooms and prevents one from having to turn the entire TV and stand, which is dangerous for them and the television.

Open Shelf

On an open shelf TV stand, it sits on one shelf in a series where it's possible to display any other components related to it. It has an open design with no doors and is very easy to set up and clean.

All in all, it's important to be sure that any TV stands online that are considered suit the existing furnishings in the office or home. There are a variety of colors and finishes to include metal, glass and wood. Having a variety to browse makes the process much easier, and side by side comparison is simple online.

Source by Lukasz Grodowski