A leather sofa is a good choice at any time to bring elegance to a room. Leather furniture has been around for a long time, and it's one of the most indestructible materials for a piece of furniture that will be sat on, sipped on and spilled on. Leather furniture instantly adds style and sophistication to any room. Buying a leather sofa has lots of options and can be purchased from furniture stores and online. Here are a few tips to choosing the leather sofa that's right for you and your family.

1. Comfort – The spring type and cushion make the difference between a really comfortable sofa and one that's moderately comfortable. Two of the main types of cushioning are down and foam. More couches are filled with foam than down, which is basically feathers, and the foam version is going to be less expensive. The down version will certainly be more comfortable, but various foam constructions can be very comfortable as well. The springs inside support the cushioning and the ten-way tied springs are of the highest quality and comfort, while eight-way hand tied and pocket springs are also very nice with the sinuous springs in the lowest price range.

2. Multiple Uses – While you might think of a leather sofa as having only one purpose, and that is to sit or lounge upon, there are also leather convertible or sleeper sofas. A convertible sofa allows you to pull off the seat cushions and back pillows and fold out a bed, full size or queen size depending on the length of the couch. While it may not be as comfortable as a quality bed, it is much more comfy than sleeping on a narrow couch. A reclining leather sofa is the ultimate, usually with two recliners built in on each end to take the pressure off of your feet. Some have a console built in the center piece to allow you to place drinks, magazines and TV remotes upon.

3. Color – Leather can come in almost as many colors as fabric, although it's unusual to see a purple leather sofa. Black, brown and tan are the most popular, and can be found in a wide range of shades. If you are looking for that unique color couch, you will probably need to order it from a furniture store or online.

4. Style – A leather sofa can range in style from rustic to contemporary, and can be footed with chrome or another metal or many different colors and types of wood. They can also come with decorative trim in wood, metal or gold, to give the room additional style. One excellent aspect of leather furniture is that it can be easily accessorized with colorful, textured pillows and throws. New ones can be purchased on a yearly basis to update your room.

5. Size – Make sure you measure your room to make sure that you choose an appropriate size of leather sofa. Because leather is a bold material, you want to make sure it doesn't overpower the room by being too big.

These leather sofa buying tips are just a few ideas to get you rolling on creating a remarkable living room group design.

Source by Jennifer J. Butler