The couches and chairs in cafes, bookstores and houses are changing. The favorite chair among customers these days isn't even made of wood. It's a bag filled with soft Styrofoam, or thermocol pellets. Enthusiasts recognize it by several names among which are included the Physics bag, and the Oversized Couch. The beanbag has become an item of mass production, and is used by the young and the old alike. It's gaining popularity as a pseudo-couch in all market segments, all over the world.

A bean bag, also known as a beanbag, is a sealed bag filled with dried beans or small Poly Vinyl Chloride pellets and is used for a myriad number of applications.

Beanbags are popular among customers of all ages due to the malleability of their usage. Among the younger generation, bean bags are more popular because they provide a stylish, comfortable and easily movable seating arrangement. The manufacturers recognize their advantage in styling, and thus are making products according to different customer preferences. The contemporary design of bean bags gives them bold colors. For those who prefer traditional accents, the leather variants look very elegant.

Users of bean bags rate it as extremely comfortable, due to its ability to place the sitter near the floor, and due to its unique ability to accommodate a number of lounging positions. Users preferred the Bag, over hard and unyielding chairs, since the Bag molded itself to individual sitters' shapes, and thus was very ergonomic. Moreover it is light and easy to carry about – which added to its popularity.

Modern Beanbag chair makers pay more and more attention these days, to ergonomics than to style. Their mission is to develop sitting furniture which is not only stylish but comfortable as well. The beanbag – a simple concept, is a pear shaped bag made of leather or vinyl, filled with polystyrene pellets which are soft and provide a cushiony effect. People having back problems; or just anyone for that matter, looking for a good seat, which moulds according to their curves; find it very comfortable to settle down on a beanbag. Therapists have brought around another benefit of the Bag – use of Bags helped children with sensory-integration problems. Patients recovering from back surgery have been recommended to use the bean bag by doctors.

The question though, which is prone to be asked, is, what happens when the soft pellets depreciate, losing their power to cushion, due to use over a period of time. Does the user have to buy a new beanbag? – a move which might not be very cost-effective. Well the good news is, the beanbag can be restored to its old fulsome state, by buying a bag of pellets, and refilling it. Thus a beanbag can remain comfortable for over a long time.

So just chill and get that beanbag from your nearest store. Whether its for sitting, lounging or for decorative purposes, it will definitely give your room that added statement. Beanbags are the fad and anyone who doesn't have one, doesn't conform to fashion.

Source by Pattrick Jhonson