Hot desk software is an office management approach to maximize the use of desks in the office. It is a strategy where employees share desks when they come to the office to touch base with their team or schedule to work for the day. It is suitable for organizations with field employees who spend most of their time away from the office. Instead of assigning a permanent desk to each employee, desks are open for reservation by flexible employees, so those offices won't have unused desks taking up space and resources.

Desk management systems are an effective method to optimize office spaces but only when done in the right way. Some employees resist the idea of not having personal space in the office; others feel they could not collaborate with their team when they are far apart. So here are the crucial guidelines in practicing the proper etiquette in hot desking that you should carry out in your organization:

Use Hot Desk Software Technology

Gone are the days when employees wait in line to see if there are desks available in their respective floor areas. The pen and paper method of desk reservation is also obsolete. A reliable desk booking software technology such as DeskFlex desk booking software will bring a solution to the typical office dilemma of having no desk when you badly need one.

Employees access the office scheduling software from their mobile phones, web browser, and laptop so they can reserve ahead of time. It is better if the system allows them to see a 3D floor map of the office and color-coding sign on which spaces are available and which desks are not.

Company Storage Lockers

If the organization is moving towards implementing hot desking solutions, it is necessary to give company storage or locker rooms. Some employees can place their jackets, gym bags, and other items in their lockers since they cannot keep their personal belongings with them without a permanent desk.

Be Considerate Of Others

Since office space desk booking will allow co-working with other employees with different styles of working, be considerate of others. Not everyone can work with a loud music background, so lower down your music or use an earplug. If you have to take a call, go somewhere you can talk clearly and loudly without disturbing other colleagues who are working near your desk.

Clean Up After Using the Desk

A little cleaning up of your desk cannot hurt. Cleaning up your table is a sign of respect for the next user. If you are allowed to eat on the desk, throw away wrappers, leftover food and spillage. Wipe clean your space, including mouse, keyboard, and often touched items.

When it comes to using office space use software, a change in office management is essential to make sure success and uplift employee morale. Guidelines and protocols are clear before, during, and after the implementation to promote harmony in the office. When some employees disrespect the space, other workers will follow and will create a messy, disorganized workplace altogether. Your company should inspire people to use hotdesk software with a clear set of instructions for employees to follow.


Source by Leah Judith Jacobe