Your home might be your most favorite place on Earth, but what's that makes it special? We all know that home is where the heart is, but coming home to cozy inviting rooms sure helps! What makes a room?

Yes, you guessed it right! It's your furniture.

5 Pieces Your Home Should Not Be Without

#1. Sofa/Couch

Whether you call it a sofa or a couch (topic for another day), this piece of furniture belongs in every home. It could be a futon, a sectional, leather, microfiber, etc… whatever suits your personal style. When I was younger, my couch represented my happy place at home. I would watch TV, read, talk on the phone (yes, before texting and social media, I would spend hours on the phone)… As an adult, it's where I cuddle with my husband, fall asleep with my babies (not really babies anymore as they are 3.5 year old twins), and simply relax at the end of a long day. What does a couch/sofa do for you? What's your favorite thing about your couch?

#2. Table

With tables, we could go many ways. There are kitchen tables, dining room tables, coffee tables… Some have all of the above, others have just one. My kitchen table was never sat at when I was younger, but as an adult we have our family dinners at the table, as well as get work done as the littles are playing in the next room. Whether you are entertaining, working, or simply filling a room, a table is essential for any home.

#3. Comfortable Chair

Apart from the sofa, it is a great idea to keep a comfortable chair in your home. Who doesn't love curling up with their favorite book on a nice oversized chair covered in your favorite blanket, or watching the game with your feet up in a nice leather recliner, or a new mother rocking her baby to sleep… In my opinion, a chair complements a room and makes it feel like home.

#4. Bed

Beds… Just about everyone needs one, so this part is fairly self explanatory. A bed is not just a bed, it's the place your body recovers after a long day of being awake. Every time you lie in your bed – big or small, firm or soft, comfortable or just so-so, the rest your body gets while in bed is imperative to your ability to function properly.

#5. Book Shelf

A great piece of furniture, and not necessarily just for books! I love to read, but I don't have a ton of books to fill my bookshelf. Since I still need a place for my books and a few other items, I purchased 2 ladder book shelfs. They look fantastic on the sides of the TV unit, filled with books, photos, and a few tickets I've picked up along the way. The room instantly transformed when I purchased those pieces.

Wrapping It Up

The beautiful thing about furniture is the unlimited options you have. Everyone has different taste, different lifestyles, different ways to use their spaces. One thing you can count on – you can create magical rooms with these items.

About the Author: The author of this article has always had a bit of an obsession with home goods, furniture, and great kitchens. Growing up with very little as a child, she would often take her mothers catalogs and make her dream house room by room with a glue stick and some paper. Now all grown, she has the house she put together as a child, and is hoping her passion helps others find a way to make their home just right. You can visit her website at Enjoy!

Source by Barbara J