Somewhere along the line, there were a bunch of misconceptions about one-night stands that were propitiated. Well, I am going to clear all of that up right now. If you really want to be able to understand how to take women how the night you meet them, you need to understand that the top five misconceptions listed below are totally bogus. Let's go over them and why they are simply not true

5. “Women don't want one night stands”

Not all women want one-night stands, but in my experience, I'd say that about half of the women that you see out on the weekend that are single, are open to the experience. There are huge contingencies in this, considering logistics, her friends, how her evening has been, how smooth the guy trying to take her home is, amongst other things.

So factoring all of that out, the figure I'd say goes to between 10-20% of women out.

On top of that, there is about 1-2% of women that are out that are straight up looking to have sex. They tend to be between 25 to 35 years old, from out of town, dressed more promiscuously, and are a little tipsy. They are much more forward with their sexuality, and don't have any hang up about one night stands.

The point is though, there is a good hand full of women out there any night of the week just looking for prince charming to come along, sweep her off her feet, and take her back to one of your places for some mind-blowing sex. Keep in mind as you are out and about on a weekend night that you've seen many women who came out alone, and are going to g home with someone–and that could be you.

4. “If I try kiss her too soon, I will lose her”

Too many guys wait far, far too long to go in for the kiss in my opinion. They think that they need to have these deep, connection conversations in order to kiss a woman and keep her interested.

The key to making this work is how you act about going in for the kiss, and how you act after. There have been countless women that I have kissed within five minutes of us meeting, and I kept her interested and around for the long term because of my behavior about how we kissed. If I get all freaked out over her giving me the cheek, or if I start escalating quickly with her, and she is not yet ready, I can kiss seeing that woman again good-bye.

There is some risk that comes with going in for the kiss too soon, but the benefits of going in too soon, far out weigh the benefits of waiting too long.

3. “Having a one night stand is MUCH harder than getting her number and setting up a date”

I am personally of the opinion that one night stands in many cases is actually EASIER than taking her on a date.

Taking a woman on a date requires A LOT of time and energy. You will need to call or text her, set up the date, meet her, game her, rebuild the sexual tension, get her back to one of your places, and then sleep with her. by having a one night stand, I can skip all of those steps in the middle and just go straight to getting her somewhere private and having sex.

It is going to require a bit more investment up front, but if you can get a solid number from a woman, than with a bit more time with her, you should be able to make out with her, physically escalate, and quite possible having the one night stand her.

2. “If I sleep with her before 7 hours together has passed, it won't be solid”

The idea that if you sleep with a woman before the 7 hour mark, it is going to be un-solid and that she “really isn't fully invested in you yet, and you will lose her by having sex with her too soon,” is completely false.

7-hours is an arbitrary number that has nothing to do with where a woman is at or how you manage her feelings. For you to make sleeping with her solid and to have her coming back for more, a connection of some sort has to be built-but here's the kicker, and one of the unique secrets that I know. . .

This can be built AFTER you have had sex with her.

That's right. You don't need it before, all you need to do to sleep with her-with NO COMFORT AT ALL-is to have solid attraction, have what I like to call “safety comfort” established, and to hit all of her Turn-On Switches. With these alone, you become “That Guy,” the one that a woman meets at a bar or club, she thinks he is super attractive, and he just knows all of the right moves to get her turned on and make the right things happen.

“That guy” is the one that she tells her friends, “Well, we were just hang out and things happened. I didn't plan on sleeping with him, but he was so attractive, and we just started kissing and one thing led to another.” In the next section, we are going to talk about how to make YOU in to ‘That Guy.'

1. “You cannot get an on-going relationship from a one-night stand”

You CAN create relationships from your one night stands. The way that this is done is you build that connection with a woman AFTER you have slept with her. And doing this is actually easier than normally, because she has made herself physically vulnerable to you, and thereby, partially emotionally vulnerable as well.

When this vulnerability is managed by you show her that you don't judge her for having a ONS with you, that you sincerely like her, and you also make yourself emotionally vulnerable with her; you can create a connection with her that is going to have her wanting to see you again.

This process is known as BACKLOADING, there is a bit to it, so I can't write about it here, but it's very powerful and works like a charm. See my other articles for me details on how this is done.

Source by Erik C