A daybed is an item that every house should have. Few pieces of furniture are so versatile and can be so easily changed with just a change in the coverings. So why exactly would you want a daybed? There are 3 good reasons.

1. Space – When space is at a premium you really have to choose your furniture carefully. Having extra beds for the occasional visitor is great… but then what do you do with the bed the rest of the time? Enter the daybed! Better than a sofabed, a daybed can sleep just one person without taking up any additional room or can be expanded to sleep two (or three or four if you're talking small kids like all the nieces and nephews when your brother comes to visit.) When the bed feature is not needed, then the daybed can function easily as regular seating space. Or can be the regular bed of your child but with the ability to easily handle a sleepover.

2. Comfort – While airbeds are better than sleeping on the floor, they are not nearly as comfortable as sleeping on a real mattress… and getting down almost onto the floor gets harder as you get older. Bring on that daybed! When it's just kids that need a place to sleep, that's one thing. But how many times have you “graciously” given up your bed when your parents came for a visit or some other adults and you just couldn't have them sleeping on that airbed… which is where you ended up sleeping! With a daybed as your guest bed, you can easily sleep two adults either separately in twin beds or together in the resulting king-size bed you will have when you push the trundle unit up against the daybed. With this kind of sleeping arrangement, both you and your guests will get a good night's sleep.

3. Style – Daybeds come in so many different styles that you can simply choose based on the “look” you want in the room. If the daybed will be in a home office, then you can keep it plain by choosing a less ornate style frame and using a simple fitted daybed cover to keep a more sofa-like look. If your daybed will be in a sewing or craft room or even in a small guest room, select a more decorative bedframe and create a softer look by going with an ensemble in the color scheme of your choice and with as many or as few pillows as you want.

Although they do not have to be purchased together, be sure to get a trundle unit at some point as this will double your sleeping quarters without taking up any additional space except when the bed is in use. The pop-up trundle is a little more expensive than the lift-up one but is much easier to set up and take down.


Source by Sadie A Peterson