A small fridge can certainly come in handy sometimes. When you work at a job where you need to pack a lunch or maybe you just like to travel and want to bring food and drinks along, a mini fridge can help keep your food cold and keep it from perishing. Of course there are also certain disadvantages of a small fridge. The most obvious one is that it is so small in size.

Compared to the average refrigerator the basic mini fridge is about 1/10th the size. This means you are not able to hold even remotely the same amount of food and drink in this little fridge. Most of the time you do not need to worry about packing so much in a mini fridge so this should not always be a big problem.

The storage space is limited but if you take a look around at the different models on the market today you should find one that is spacious enough. You can find some models so small they barely hold a gallon of milk while others can contain an entire 24 pack of beer no problem. It depends entirely on what you plan to use the fridge for.

Temperature features are another issue with most mini fridges. On a standard refrigerator there are typically options for turning the freezer and refrigerator sections up and down with a temperature thermostat located inside. With the mini fridges however, this is usually not an option. If you take a look in any portable fridge you will see that there are no fancy features. You open the tiny door, a light comes on, and your food and drinks are kept inside cold. That is pretty much it. Of course you cannot expect too much from a fridge of this size.

Most small fridges do not come with a freezer section which is a third disadvantage. If there is meat or cold slushie drinks you want to keep frozen, this may not be an option. Available are some slightly larger and more expensive versions that come with a tiny freezer area but you will need to look specifically for this.

For some people a small fridge works and for others it does not. Portable fridges are definitely handy in the right situations.

Source by Chris D Smith