A strong immune system would keep all kinds of illnesses away. The system is capable of keeping even cancer away. It has the ability to suppress or stop the growth of cancerous cells. This could explain the dormancy state of many tumors. The human body's first line of defense aids in getting it rid of bacteria, viruses and fungi. A good and strong immune system would help the cancer patients by keeping them away from infections during treatment.

The cancer suppressing state achieved by a strong immune system is known as equilibrium. During this state the cancer cells loose their ability to grow, some cells are killed. Though this effect is not enough to eliminate the cancer or reduce the size of the tumor. Research is on full swing to check the cell killing ability of the equilibrium state so that it could be used for treating cancer in the future.

The immune system has the property of immuno-surveillance by which it can distinguish the malignant tumor cells from the normal cells and can use its components to eliminate the cancerous cells like it does the bacteria and other antigens that invade the body. The theory of immuno-editing which is relatively new states that it naturally recognizes the cancer cells as foreign and negotiates with it to have three outcomes,

-The immune system eliminates and destroys the cancer completely from the body.

-The immune system attains a balance with the cancer cells, checks their growth but does not destroy them.

-The cancer is elusive and the immune system cannot locate it. It spreads and becomes malignant.

Cancer is still under research and lot of things has still to be discovered. One of the main things required to fight cancer is the immune system and this can be achieved by a healthy diet. Recent research has discovered three groups of food that has been found to increase or boost the immune system's functions. This could therefore help in the active prevention of development of cancer. The following is the list of food found to be beneficial:

-Marine algae like kombu and wakame increases immune function and reduce inflammation. These algae have been found to possess fucoidan, a complex sugar polymer which is responsible for the specific function.

-Some Asian mushrooms like the shiitake, the enokitake and the maitake have the ability to stimulate the immune system.

-Probiotics have been found to replenish the body with good and beneficial bacteria. These are essential for body maintenance. Yogurt contains live cultures and consuming this is the easiest way to a healthier immune system.

Red wine is another edible substance that has anticancer properties. The wine contains antioxidants that inhibit the development of cancer. Biological therapy is the new kid on the block and uses the body's immune system to fight cancer directly or indirectly. They can also be used to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.

To Your Health!

Source by James S. Pendergraft