In this day and age that is very much feminized, it is not surprising to discover that many men have absolutely no idea how to really be masculine. For some men, only looking masculine is the definition of being masculine, yet it has just as much to do with your actions and attitude as it does looks. Become more masculine in all three areas, and you will have an easier time attracting the ladies than ever before!

Be more Decisive

The truth is that women seek out decisive men. This means that a man should not be scared to make a tough decision or take the lead. Of course, this is not a sign that they want an absolute dictator who only insists on his way; it just means they want a guy who is not tentative in his ways.

A lot of people-not just men-experience a good amount of hardship in making decisions, which results in postponing decisions and failing to seize the day with regard to opportunities that become available to them. Procrastinators will never find themselves in a position of power, yet, ironically, it is this power that the gals find so masculine about men.

Be more Self-Reliant

If you fail to be self-reliant in your approach as a man, then you are definitely not doing a good job of asserting your masculine power and dominance. The following are examples of a lack of self-reliance: You allow others to be accountable for things in your life that you should be accountable for, and you let the women in your life dictate what to do for the weekend and where to go on dates.

If you fail to be self-reliant, you will always fail to satisfy a woman's fundamental need to feel safe. To combat this problem, create a list in all of the situations in your life where you are handing over accountability to other people in areas that you should be managing yourself. This list will empower you to pick out areas in your life that offer you the chance to take control and, thus, become manlier.


Is honesty really the best policy? Yes! The key to being honest is to make your words correspond to your actions, too. You will destroy your credibility if you only talk masculine, but fail to back that up with masculine actions.

For example, if you happen to say that you are going to do something, then be certain to follow through and actually do it. Never make a commitment unless you are totally ready to follow through on it. This should apply to commitments of all sizes.

If you assert that you will be at a certain place by a certain time, then make sure you are. If you say you will return somebody's phone call, then return the phone call. If you condition people, especially women, to realize that they can count on you, then you will be taken much more seriously and get more respect.

Source by Tyler Duncan