During an emergency situation, the priority is to store food and water. However, water is the most basic necessity of life that is also required for other house hold chores. Water can be obtained naturally from the grounds or by rain from the sky.

Hand pumps are utilized for sucking the ground water. Although, nowadays mechanical pumps are used, which do not require much force as it is utilizing the electrical power. But, in emergency situations, like droughts, disaster, and power outages, hand pumps are more suitable and are usually back-up to the mechanical pumps. By adding a motor to a hand pump, you can utilize it as a motor or a solar panel system too.

A simple deep well water pump can be used for a 350 feet depth in the ground and can be used to suck almost 5 gallons in a minute. A pump requires pressure of almost 8 pounds for bringing the water to the ground.

A normal family requires almost 250 gallons of water daily; with the help of manual hand pump you can bring almost 1000 gallons of water easily by working for three or more hours daily. A motor pump uses 12 volts for its working.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can also use the solar panel pumps. They are quite economical and energy-saving. But, the major disadvantage of such pumps is that during non-sunny days you cannot pump water easily. Such kinds of devices are operated by hand or can use a 130 Watt battery for their operation.

This simple pump uses the atmospheric pressure to create a vacuum through which water is sucked from the pipes. That's why such pumps are also called as suction pumps. These can be utilized for shallow or deep wells.

The water can be stored in the barrel for use in case of emergencies. Apart from this, water storage tanks are also utilized for household water storage. You can store gallons of water in these tanks.

The tanks are made up of high quality of polyethylene and they are made so to protect the water against fungal or algal growth. The storage conditions of the tank are also specified. Usually, it is required to keep the tank in a cool and dry place. The tank should not be full with the water, as during the cold days water expands it will cause the tank to get damaged. So, keep the tank 90% full of water for safety of the tank.

Source by Yasir M Chohan