Many hide behind denominational affiliation

Preferring tradition over divine manifestation

Justifying their ignorance and confirmation

Disregarding relationship and salvation

Pontificating their religious mannerism

Adhering rigidly to their methodology

Not earnest in regard to doctrine and theology

Forgetting it's not all about ideology and philosophy

God resists the proud and those in self-sufficiency

Sadly many misrepresent God denominationally

Preferring their minuscule models and methods

More than the magnificent Master of mankind

If they could just look beyond religion they'd find

A Savior and Spirit filled world full of wonder

Miracles, gifts, divine manifestations, and thunder

Instead unfortunately with divisive doctrines we blunder

As our ignorance ensnares and deeply takes us under

A fearful self reliance without God makes one shudder

As we doll out our dogma and dead religious fodder

Enslaving and polluting God's sons and daughters

Drawing near to worship and hear from heaven

We subtly entangle them with our vile leaven

Loading them with lifeless religious legalism

Our rigid and frigid forms and cold catechism

No time for spontaneous worship or expression

On the contrary religion demands deep regression

Daily ritual, a monastic seclusion, and ugly isolation

Pious penance, unbiblical purgatory, and degradation

Fear, religious observance, and self-righteous alienation

Such are the essentials of dead denominationalism

The means by which the passionate soul is imprisoned

Pulled from pursuit of the Creator and divine duty

Reduced to cruel bondage, despair, and depravity

This is the prescription by which religion kills curiosity

The love of God, zeal of the Lord, and quest for knowledge

These denominationalism must quickly rob and steal

Lest dominion boldly arise in loud great appeal

Reaching and raising the masses above the phony Mass

Which ultimately and in actuality is merely a mess

Of liturgical formality without any life or spirituality

Therefore let us arise understandably

Exercising divine dominion wholeheartedly

By which we can aggressively set the captives free

Denominationalism never helps anyone fully become or be

God intended dominion, His ideal plan for humanity.

Source by Paul Davis