Becoming panicky when disaster strikes is not a good thing to do, as this would even worsen the situation that you are in. If you want to be ready to face any kind of calamity that might hit your area, having your own disaster preparedness plan would truly serve you well.

Before anything unpleasant happens, make sure that you equip yourself with the proper knowledge and tools that you can use once calamities arrive. For instance, during fires, you should know that staying down on the ground would prevent you from inhaling noxious gases and at the same time keep you away from hot air. Since cool air is denser than hot air, it tends to stay at the bottom and therefore, the ground would be a wise decision to stay at when the building you are in is on fire.

A disaster preparedness plan that will give you a walk-through when the tragedies arrive would be a good thing to keep in handy. If you are the type of person who tends to panic at times of trouble, then this kind of plan would help you gather your thoughts as it will give you direct instructions that you could follow. You can create one yourself today while you are still not in a panicky mode.

You must always remember the basic necessities that would help you survive any kind of calamity. You should store water in containers that would prevent any kind of contaminant from entering and mixing with the water. Aside from this, you can also save some water that you would use to wash yourself with.

Keep foods in stock, especially ones that do not expire easily and last for many years. Avoid storing foods that are high in salt content, as these would not be beneficial for you when you are in a situation when you cannot easily find a source of drinking water. Approximate the amount of food that you would need to provide for everyone in your family.

Clothing would also be essential in times of calamities, especially during cold weathers. Keep coats and blankets ready all the time so that you would have means to warm yourself and keep your core body temperature from dropping to unfavorable levels. Setting aside as many warmers as possible for you and your family would ensure that you have enough protection from the cold.

In creating your own disaster preparedness plan, you can make diagrams of your house or of the location that you are in so that you can create routes when you need to move to a different location. You can create sheds that would be sturdy enough to hold the things you have prepared and store it until the time when calamity arrives. Asking your neighbors to help you with working this plan out would also make them ready to face any kind of tragedy that might come along, and your community would all be aware of what to do in times of crisis.

Source by Mary Dawn Tingal