Before you start your bike, you have to test the bike and the equipment, it is good to have the bike bugged in all the mechanisms, to check the games that can be admitted to the wheels and the changers. After checking the bike follow the equipment, check if the stitches are more resilient If you are all right, you can get the tools, water and food preparation. You must have flashlights on the batteries if the dynamo, the headlamp or the rear lamp is broken, the lighter is anti-wind, you must also have a kit with sewing needles and needles, a rubberized rubber to withstand better, a camera repair patch kit, rubber protection sleeves in case of more serious damage to the wheel, Luggage should also include a cloak in the event of rain, a blanket that is mandatory for your comfort, a survival knife, important bicycle keys, pump, lightweight food, goggles If you have prepared all the equipment you are ready to go on the road, if you go to the team is easier because the tasks can be divided, one takes the water another key, the other the tent, etc., if you go alone on the road, things are more complicated because you have to transport several things to help.After you go on the road, be careful not to waste your forces, go at a slow pace because you will need a lot of energy, make more frequent stops to check your bike and equipment, you have to be focused on the road and not what it happens outside of it, be careful not to force, big mistakes are done against the backdrop of fatigue and lack of caution.Try to be always focused and active from the point of view of the brain, stopping it in clean places that will fill your energy, hydratate permanently, do not waste water for a long time, when you feel exhaustion stop and nourish yourself, your blood sugar may be troublesome and can make you sick.If it happens to make up to make sure you fix it in a place where you do not bother anyone, a bum is unpleasant but it's not a serious thing, do not be nervous, be relaxed and smiling.

Traveling in the mountains is difficult and you can get serious injuries, you have to be prepared for anything, in the case of fractures, it has happened to me to break my collarbone, it is very painful and unpleasant, you have to have drugs in the kit for pain, inflammation.

Source by Marian Ion